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Unlocking more money for more nonprofits.

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B Generous helps nonprofits receive more money faster…with larger donations.

Using Donate Now, and Pay Later,™ means more donations to your nonprofit faster, larger average donations, and no risk of donor cancellations or pledge defaults ever again. All this, with an effortless integration process, without any in-house technology team or CTO required. With Donate Now, Pay Later your donors have the convenience of paying over time, but you get the money upfront, making the donor process much less stressful on everybody.

The Benefits
Receive larger donations, and get your money faster.

Allowing your donors to Donate Now, and Pay Later,™ means more donations to your nonprofit, larger average donations, and no risk of donor cancellations or pledge defaults. All this, with a seamless integration process, without any in-house technology team required.

Receive larger average donations.
Receive larger average donations.
Using Donate Now, Pay Later™ virtually guarantees your nonprofit will receive larger average donations from your supporters.
Get your money faster.
Get your money faster.
Your nonprofit receives the donation upfront, but your donors pays over time, with no interest or fees.
No CTO needed.
No CTO needed.
Add a Donate Now, Pay Later™ button to your site, or wherever your nonprofit fundraises, with a simple line of code.
No risk of donor cancellation or pledge defaults.
No risk of donor cancellation or pledge defaults.
Your nonprofit bears no risk or liability if your donor stops making payments.
Of donors say they would use Donate Now, Pay Later™ to double a gift to their favorite nonprofit*
Of donors say they would use Donate Now, Pay Later™ to double a gift to their favorite nonprofit*
*Campbell RInker Online Donor Survey (June 2021)

Watch our Demo

Check out our Donate Now, Pay Later™ demo for nonprofits.

Who We Are

B Generous gives people the financial freedom to donate to nonprofits, so they can achieve their mission.

Donors want to give to their favorite nonprofits more than ever before. B Generous makes that possible.

Today in the United States, more than 70% of donors want to give more to their favorite nonprofit, but simply can’t…leaving donors with two options: don’t donate or use a credit card with high interest rates. We think that’s a false choice, which is why we’ve created a free way for your supporters to donate to your organization without stressing their bank account, and while your receive their donation right away, your donors maintain the convenience of paying over time.

No hidden fees. No subscription costs. No tech hassle.

By using Donate Now, Pay Later™, nonprofits enjoy larger average donations, higher donor conversion and retention rates, and more money, faster. The best part is, there are no hidden costs or fees, no fixed or monthly subscription costs, and no tech integration hassle.

Meet Our Donor Friends

Opening doors for more donations.

Using Donate Now, Pay Later™, donors can support their favorite nonprofits for as little as $75 all the way up to $50,000…completely for free. Our proprietary technology virtually guarantees that your nonprofit will receive higher average donations and new donors.

Because donors are used to monthly reoccurring giving already, they are instantly familiar with our technology, creating a frictionless experience for them. However, unlike monthly giving, when a donor uses Donate Now, Pay Later™, your nonprofit never has to worry about donor cancellations, expired debit and credit cards, or having to wait for money to drip in each month.

Our Donate Now, Pay Later™ technology gives donors and nonprofits the best of both worlds: allowing donors to pay over time, while giving your nonprofit the donation amount right away.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear what the world’s leading nonprofit executives have to say about us.


Simply click the “Try Donate Now, Pay Later™” button or “Get Started” buttons located throughout our website and here. Or feel free to email email us directly at and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Nope! No interest, no hidden fees, and no penalties, ever. This product is free for donors.

Donors can make a donation through B Generous in two ways: 1) On by discovering more than 1.7M nonprofits in our database or 2) Directly on the donation pages of your nonprofit, which is the preferred option. If you’re interested in putting the Donate Now, Pay Later™ button on your website, please click here to get in touch or email us at

We’re a team of nonprofit executives, philanthropists, fundraisers, and technologists who have come together to unlock more money for more nonprofits. We believe this is best accomplished with our Donate Now, Pay Later™ product. It was important to us from the start, however, that the product was completely free for donors. This means no fees, transaction costs, and definitely no interest…ever. However, we are a business, and we need to pay our employees a fair wage and keep the lights on. The way we make money is simple: when a nonprofit signs up on B Generous they elect to cover the program fees associated with using Donate Now, Pay Later™. This means there are no subscription fees, SaaS fees, fixed or hidden costs for the nonprofit, and the nonprofit only pays a small “success fee” on each completed Donate Now, Pay Later™ transaction. But we were still not satisfied, so we added another feature to our product which allows donors to cover a portion of these fees on behalf of the nonprofit. As donors go through the Donate Now, Pay Later™ flow they will be asked if they’d like cover a portion of the program fees, the good news is, we’ve observed rather high opt in rates for that!

We have a very generous hardship program where any donor can request to skip a payment, pay less, etc. if they are experiencing an unexpected difficulty. It’s our goal to never put donors into financial hardship and we have sophisticated software to ensure that donors do not get into a situation where they cannot fulfill the terms of their Donate Now, Pay Later™ plan. But, the reality is, things happen, unexpected things. We get it. If donors ever think they will be late on a payment all they need to do is reach out to us ( to discuss it and we can work with them to figure out the best solution for all parties.

Nope. We’re a regular company working with nonprofits to help make the world a better place for all. And soon, we’ll be going through the process to become a certified B Corp, which is a designation that shows we adhere to certain social impact criteria and ethical business practices.

Yes! You have access to all donor data at all times, and it’s completely secure, too. In fact, through your nonprofit portal you can export all of your donor data at anytime and import it into your CRM. It is yours to do with as you wish.

Yes, the minimum donation we can finance is $75 and the maximum limit for a single donation is $20,000. If a donor wants to give more, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

It’s important to us that we work with ethical and transparent lending partners. Our primary lender is Drake Bank, an independent, local, community bank in St. Paul, Minnesota. Drake Bank’s mission is to build a better future for everyone, and we think that perfectly aligns with our mission to give people the financial freedom to support nonprofits. Together, Drake Bank and B Generous are making the world a better, more equitable, fairer and happier place for all.

Please reach out anytime at or via our interactive help center, which you can find in the lower-right-hand-corner of your screen. We’d love to hear from you!

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