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Giving people the financial freedom to donate to nonprofits.

A first-of-its-kind platform that allows donors to Donate Now, Pay Later.™

B Generous allows donors to give now, pay later. With our technology, nonprofits receive the donation from the donor upfront, but the donor is able to pay over time…without stressing their bank account. The best part is, the donor gets their full tax deduction right away, and pays no fees, interest, or hidden costs.

Why we exist

B Generous gives people the financial freedom to donate to nonprofits, so that nonprofits can achieve their mission

Helping Nonprofits achieve their mission through financial sustainability.

Nonprofits are needed more than ever today to help address the myriad of systemic issues in our society: from climate change, to mental health, to civil liberties, and beyond. Though nonprofits are the backbone of our social system, millions of America’s nonprofits are suffering today from financial hardships and that’s why B Generous was created.

B Generous exists to help nonprofits achieve their mission by raising the capital they need to effectively run their programs and operate their services. By using our  Donate Now, Pay Later™ technology, donors are offered interest-free money to donate to their favorite nonprofits, and while the nonprofits receive the money right away, the donors pay their donation over time, without any fees or hassle.

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Helping Donors support their favorite charities without stressing their wallets.

America is by far the most charitable nation in the world. More than half of the country makes annual philanthropic donations to charities. Moreover, the average donation in America is higher than the average online purchase, making America a true nation of givers. Nevertheless, more than 70% of American donors report wanting to give more money to their favorite nonprofits, but feel unable to do so due to cash constraints. And this is why B Generous was created.

We exist to help donors give what they wish, not what they feel constrained to donate. This frees up billions of dollars of additional liquidity for nonprofits. At its core, B Generous allows donors to support their favorite nonprofits now, and while the nonprofit receives the donation upfront, the donor gets to pay the donation over time, without any interest, fees, or hassle.

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Our Leadership

We’re a team of nonprofit executives, philanthropists, fundraisers, and technologists.

Dominic Kalms

Founder & CEO

Favorite Cause: Animal Welfare

Neil St. Clair

Co-Founder & COO

Favorite Cause: Child Protection

Neena Gupta Needel

Chief Product Officer

Favorite Cause: Food Security

Paul Kalms

Co-Founder & CFO

Favorite Cause: Financial Literacy

Scott Priddy

Chief Technology Officer

Favorite Cause: Education

Holly Jamison

Senior Vice President, Compliance

Favorite Cause: Veteran’s Affairs

Dave Marcacci

Senior Vice President, Sales

Favorite Cause: Children's Health

chip minto

Chip Minto

Director of Sales

Favorite Cause: Youth Sports

Chelzea N. Owens

Jr. Chief of Staff

Favorite Cause: Children's Education

bradley gallo
puzzle piece

Bradley Gallo

Senior Advisor to the CEO

Favorite Cause: Youth Development

Achilles Kalms

Chief Handsome Officer

Favorite Cause: Chasing Cats

Feeling inspired? Join our growing team.

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Meet some of our nonprofit advisors

Our advisors come from the worlds of philanthropy, nonprofit leadership, technology, and finance. They help us ensure our products truly work for the needs of nonprofits and donors.

Mariame McIntosh Robinson

United Way Worldwide

Board Member

Fred Tanne


Board Member

Andrea Bastiani Archibald

Girls Scouts USA

Chief Girl & Family Engagement Officer (former)

Jacob Harold

Candid, Co-Founder

Guidestar, President & CEO (former)

Caryl Stern


President & CEO (former)

Bill Derrough

Boy Scouts of Greater NY

Board Member

MZ Goodman

Charity Water

Chief Revenue Officer (former)

Jay O'Dell


President, Nonprofit Solutions (former)

Dr. Leana Wen, M.D.

Healthcare Executive

& Nonprofit Board Member

Robert Tarleton

Lincoln Center

Chief Technology Officer (former)

Chymeka Olfonse


Founding Regional Executive Director

Erin McHugh Saif


Tech for Social Impact, Global Director, Product Development

Nicole G. Epps

World Childhood Foundation

Executive Director

Antony Bugg-Levine

Nonprofit Finance Fund

CEO (former)

Meet the B Generous Foundation & our grantees.

We recently created a 501(c)(3), the B Generous Foundation, so that we could ensure that our philanthropic values were aligned with our business values. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, we have supported many nonprofits through the Foundation. Please see here a sample of nonprofits that we have supported.

Many of our employees have served on the board, volunteered, or donated to many of these organizations as well.

If you have a nonprofit that you believe our Foundation should consider as a grantee, please email us at

Free for donors.
No interest.
No fees.

B Generous never charges fees to donors to make a donation, and, unlike credit cards, we don’t charge donors interest. We work with you to maximize your charitable impact, while ensuring your bank accout is never burdened.

Building capacity for nonprofits.

Our biggest goal is to help nonprofits scale up their mission. By using Donate Now, Pay Later™, nonprofits enjoy larger average donations, higher donor conversion and retention, and more money, faster. We want to work with you to drive your theory of change to the next level!

Are you a nonprofit?

Receiving larger donations has never been easier.

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Are you a donor?

Making donations without stressing your wallet has never been easier.

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