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The Changing Buy Now, Pay Later Model: Shift to B2B and Consumer Specialities, Including Donations

The Buy Now, Pay Later business model is one that continues to grow and innovate. With recent sustained growth as a financial option for consumers, the space is able to provide an attractive option for people that may be living paycheck to paycheck, or want to avoid costly credit products such as credit cards with high fees and interest rates. One of the newest specializations in this space is in the area of charitable donations with B Generous and Donate Now, Pay Later. B Generous provides the opportunity for a donor to send money to a nonprofit up front, making an immediate impact, and allowing the donor to pay over time in a way that does not stress the wallet. Donors who have used Donate Now, Pay Later have give with an increase of almost 300% compared to the average online donation, which helps sustain both donors and nonprofits.

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