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An Almost Complete List of Why People Give to Charity

Why do donors give away their hard-earned money, often to strangers? Well, it turns out that there are many powerful emotional, health, financial, and psychological benefits to donating to charity. Here is an almost complete list…


Altruism: You want to help others and make a positive impact in the world.

Empathy: You feel a connection to others who are suffering or in need.

Compassion: You feel a strong desire to help others who are less fortunate or in need.

Personal Values: Donating to charity aligns with your values and beliefs.

Religion: Donating or tithing is part of your faith.

Role Model: You want to set an example for your children or family or others in your community.

Pay It Forward: You want to share your own good fortune and blessings with others.

Tax benefits: Donating to charity gives you certain tax benefits.

Legacy Building:  You want to leave a positive legacy for future generations by supporting causes that will have a lasting impact.

Social Pressure: You feel pressured to conform to social norms or to meet expectations from friends, family, or employers.

Cause Alignment:  You believe in a particular cause or mission and want to support organizations that align with your values and beliefs.

Ethics: You simply believe that giving to charity is a moral or ethical responsibility.

Promote Awareness: You donate to a cause to raise awareness and help bring about positive change.

Personal fulfillment: Donating to charity brings you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction and makes you happy.

Personal Connection to the Cause: You’re a survivor or fighting an illness such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s etc. or a family member or friend is in the situation or succumbed to the illness.

Personal Connection: You are, or were, in the military, or a front-line worker, or have an affinity to an organization or college.

Guilt: You want to make up for something bad you feel you did in the past.

Family: You donate to support members of your family who are donating or involved with the cause.

It’s Local: You want to support local organizations and causes that benefit your community.

Ego and Recognition: You want to be acknowledged and recognized for your generosity.

Transactional: You want a charity auction item or to attend a gala dinner or get some benefits from a particular patron level such as theater tickets. 

Sense of Belonging: You feel a bond with others who share your values and want to support causes that bring people together.

To Honor Someone: You donate in honor or memory of a loved one who has passed.

Hopeful: You just want to make the world a better place by donating to social, environmental, and economic causes.

Whatever your motivation, at B Generous we encourage you to donate and donate often. In fact, our mission is to get more money, to more nonprofits, to do more good today. We have created the only product in the world that lets you donate now, and have your nonprofit receive the full donation today, while you have the flexibility to pay for your donation over 3 to 9 months with no additional cost to you. We call it Donate Now, Pay Later and you can learn more here.

Are there other reasons that influenced you to donate? We would love for you to share through the links at the top of this page.