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Your Nonprofit Does What?

There are 1.8 million registered nonprofits in the United States. That means 1.8 million organizations across the country are working to make the world a better place through their own unique vision.

With so many organizations, there’s bound to be an incredible variety of missions across the sector, including some very niche causes. Below are ten examples that showcase the wide spectrum of unique nonprofits that donors can choose to support with their charitable giving:

  1. Zombie Squad is a 501(c)(3) that describes itself as an “elite zombie suppression task force ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead.” This nonprofit was formed by a group of horror fans who, using a shared knowledge of what to do in a zombie apocalypse, decided to help promote disaster preparedness (for zombies and other natural disasters!).
  2. Is chivalry dead? Colorado-based nonprofit The Order of the Azure Rose believes so, and wants to bring it back. This organization promotes the values of chivalry by holding renaissance fairs that double as etiquette lessons.
  3. Thousands of nonprofits are dedicated to the task of caring for our most familiar companions —
    dogs and cats. A very worthy cause. But don’t our other pets deserve the same treatment? Critter Connection says yes! Connecticut-based Critter Connection rescues and rehabilitates an often-neglected furry companion: guinea pigs.
  4. Longhopes Donkey Shelter is another nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing an animal we don’t normally associate with animal shelters — can you guess which animal it is? Since 1999, this Colorado-based charity has been saving donkeys from slaughter or neglect, training them, and finding them forever homes.
  5. Tall Clubs International Foundation promotes and defends the rights of tall men and women. Simply put, TCI is a social organization for tall adults! Dating back to 1938, TCI is a well-established organization with over 1,000 members in multiple countries.
  6. Ping Pong for Good improves the lives of people through the act of playing ping pong. The organization works with experts in brain health, fitness, and table tennis to develop therapy and fitness programs.
  7. 501st Legion takes the Star Wars film franchise seriously. This nonprofit is dedicated to celebrating the complexity of the characters in the Star Wars cinematic universe through the creation and use of costumes.
  8. When Jason Parker’s dog and best friend, Gunnar, lost his legs in a tragic accident, their community rallied to support the pair by helping pay for Gunnar’s surgery and a brand-new pair of wheel-powered back legs. Jason was so touched by the support he decided to pay it forward by founding Gunnar’s Wheels, a nonprofit that provides mobility apparatuses for dogs in need.
  9. Nonprofit Bold Hope doesn’t buy into the notion that giving to charity should be painless. In an effort to raise awareness for child poverty around the globe, five willing volunteers from the organization allowed themselves to be shot with 21,000 paintballs, each paintball representing a child that dies every day due to poverty and hunger.
  10. Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers is an innovative organization that has identified a unique solution to assisting adults living with mobility impairments — service monkeys. For nearly four decades, Monkey Helpers has been providing adults with mobility impairments around the country with fully trained capuchin monkeys that assist with everyday tasks.

This diversity is a great strength of the nonprofit sector. When organizations are dedicated to unique causes, that means they’re making a difference in ways that no organization has before!

Nonprofits exist to address causes that the commercial sector cannot. This means that organizations can support nearly anything – if they can secure financial support from donors.

This challenging final task to raise funds has been made easier thanks to modern tools like Give Now, Pay Later and Donate Now, Pay Later from B Generous. These innovative products allow donors to send a nonprofit a donation today, but not have to fund that donation for up to 9 months at no added cost to the donor. The B Generous mission is to get more money to more nonprofits to do more good. That perfectly aligns with the needs of the huge variety of nonprofit causes we have highlighted here.