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Donate Now, Pay Later Explained - Whole Whale

Whole Whale: Donate Now, Pay Later Explained by B Generous

Conversation with Dom Kalms, the CEO and Founder of B Generous. B Generous allows for donors to donate now, and pay later. We discuss how this technology works, how nonprofits get money upfront and donors are allowed to pay back the loan interest-free over 9 months.

There are new giving opportunities that are opened up with this new technology and Dom explains them on this podcast. Donors want to give to the organizations they believe in more than ever before. B Generous makes that possible.

Today in the United States, more than 70% of donors want to give more to their favorite nonprofit, but simply can’t…leaving donors with two options: don’t donate or use a credit card with high interest rates. We think that’s a false choice, which is why we’ve created a free way for you to support your favorite nonprofit now, while maintaining the convenience of paying over time. Listen Here