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The Agitator: What if Donors Could Give More Now and Pay Later?

By Roger Craver

A huge bonus springing from the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance’s Heart of Giving Podcast are the windows host Art Taylor opens onto the personalities and motivation of folks who do the work, provide the charitable services, and come up with innovations worth exploring in our sector.

Such was last week’s podcast featuring Dominic Kalms, the CEO and Co-Founder of a fascinating new company– B Generous –,  with the mission of  increasing both the volume and amounts of money donated to charity by lending money who already want to give and, hopefully, motivating them to give more than usual.PB Generous, which claims to be “the first-ever philanthropic credit product for consumers’, is modeled after the “Buy Now Pay Later” approaches that have grown rapidly around consumer purchases on credit. Think AffirmKlarnaAfterPay for nonprofits—but without interest charged to the donor.

Read the whole article and listen to the podcast here