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Forbes – Dominic Kalms, CEO At B Generous: The Changemaker Interview

A serial entrepreneur, Dominic Kalms helms a fintech start-up that has adapted the Buy Now, Pay Later model to spur greater charitable giving through a pioneering Donate Now, Pay Later fintech product called B Generous. I spoke at length with Kalms about this effort to “do well by doing good.”

David Hessekiel: Please share a bit about the personal and career journey that led you to found B Generous.

Dominic Kalms: I was born in Asia and saw extreme poverty growing up, which instilled in me a belief that I always wanted to do whatever I could to help make the world a better place. I then moved to London and saw exactly the opposite, extreme opulence, and I realized how unequal the world really was. That lit a fire under me to try and do something to improve conditions for the billions of people who are struggling every day.

As I grew up I ended up going to Columbia University for graduate school. Many of my friends went to work on Wall Street so I thought that was the “right” thing to do. I ended up there and was completely unhappy and didn’t understand the value of what I was doing. Read More


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