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Forbes -15 Simple Ways To Adopt A ‘Tech Startup Mentality’ In Your Nonprofit Organization

Tech startups have many traits that set them apart from larger, more traditional businesses. Lean operations and a focused approach to meeting the needs of customers has become a proven strategy for tech startups, showing that breaking out of the mold is worth the extra effort it requires.

Adopting the habits and flexible mindset of startups is one way a nonprofit organization can level up in terms of fulfilling the organization’s mission. To help leaders ensure they are building organizations that most effectively serve their communities, 15 Forbes Nonprofit Council members share practical ways a nonprofit organization can adopt more of a “tech startup mentality.”

1. Have An Agile Mindset

Startups must be quick on their toes, flexible, in a constant state of iteration and willing to pivot quickly. Nonprofits can benefit from having an agile mentality by evaluating programs in real time based on objective and quantifiable KPIs that measure how well a program is achieving its goals. Use that data to constantly iterate on the program and improve its likelihood of achieving success. – Dominic KalmsB Generous

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