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Devin Thorpe – Superpowers for Good – Entrepreneur Launches B Generous With Donate Now Pay Later Tech

Social entrepreneur Dominic Kalms, CEO and founder of B Generous, is bringing donate now, pay later technology to philanthropy. This is a big deal.

Two-thirds of people want to give more to charity, according to Fidelity Charitable’s Overcoming Barriers to Charitable Giving report. A whopping 72 percent of people said they would give more if they had the resources. This compelling data suggests a huge opportunity for nonprofits to utilize a donate now, pay later model.

B Generous’s own data suggests that 82 percent would give more—often double—if they had access to a donate now, pay later feature.

The buy now, pay later industry has exploded among young people, most of whom (coincidentally about two-thirds) don’t have or use credit cards. Already, 20 percent of e-commerce transactions use a buy now, pay later model. Over $100 billion of buy now, pay later loans are outstanding. Read More