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B Generous for your Legacy - Angelina Carleton

Design Your Legacy:”B Generous” For Your Legacy with Dominic Kalms

Do you have a heart for philanthropy – in your own legacy of giving? Or do you feel a connection to a highly personal cause you’ve been affected by? Donating to what you care about is a great way to not only be in service to others but also to “design your legacy”, where philanthropy can allow a deeper feeling of connection to humanity. And today, as inflation increases, it might also save America given around 1 out of 10 jobs are in the US non-profit sector and we don’t want to see 4 out of 10 non-profits close their doors.

But where do you even begin? In today’s “legacy series” conversation, Angelina Carleton speaks with Dominic Kalms, the Founder/CEO of B Generous, a venture-backed fintech that allows you to donate upfront in the advent of the first ever philanthropic credit product – a “Donate Now, Pay Later” type of model but without the interest, late fees or hard collections afterwards. If you’re ready to make a difference to a cause you care about, bringing you more fulfillment and satisfaction to your life, this episode is for you! Giving to others can fuel your legacy! Listen Here


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